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Job Offer for a Consultant to test and review girl educational material

Job Offer for a Consultant to test and review girl educational material




Location: Haiti

Deadline for work completion: December 5, 2017


The Haiti Adolescent Girls Network (HAGN) began in 2010 and is a network of local and international nongovernmental organizations working together to break cycles of poverty and violence by strengthening the “protective assets” of girls (ages 10 – 19) and improving their social and emotional well-being, financial literacy, and health.  

Named locally Espas Pa Mwen or my space, these girl spaces provide girls with safe girl-only spaces to meet regularly in their communities, access to positive female role models to provide accompaniment and training on content related to financial literacy, sexual and reproductive health, and life skills.  All of these aspects work together to increase girls’ self-esteem, build local girl leadership, promote gender equality, allow girls to develop thoughtful and ambitious life plans, avoid early marriage and pregnancy and stay healthy.

HAGN is looking to partner with a consultant that can help with testing and reviewing its asset card tool.

The asset card tool is a simple and useful deck of cards tool for the mentors to use to work with girls, that girls can also bring home to use in their household or community, thereby also reaching another audience with this important information.   The goal of the consultant is to help integrate effectively this tool in the actual curriculum.

The asset card game is in its first version and following its successful pilot testing in the context of this consultancy, it will rolled out to all of our adolescent girl safe spaces.


The consultant’s responsibilities are to:

·         Test the actual tool with a sample of safe space girl participants

·         Develop a guide for the use the card game by the mentor, along with related monitoring and evaluation tools

·         Ensure that the content of this tool is consistent with the HAGN curriculum by focusing on developing skills and assets across cross-cutting themes;

·         Propose necessary changes to the content of the card games;

·         Develop a training plan for capacity building of mentors in accordance with the guide developed to suit the needs of girls.


·         A guide to using the card game

·         A revised content;

·         A mentor training program for the mentors to use the card game in Espas Pa Mwen

·         Relevant monitoring and evaluation tools

Selection Criteria

  • At least five (5) years of relevant professional experience in the development of educational tools for and with young people, particularly with young girls and with young people in difficult environments.
  •   At least five (5) years of relevant professional experience in the area of financial literacy skills, sexual and reproductive health, and life skills transfer, in particular to young people.
  • A demonstrated creativity and proactivity in the proposition and development of activities.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop interactive materials, including storyline, game mechanics, texts, and illustrations.
  • References of relevant past deliverables and projects such as past educational tools.
  • The ability to deliver working sessions and provide any support to the Project team and all the material developed for adolescent girls.

Interested parties can submit a proposal by EMAIL ONLY to the address: with “Consultant – Asset Card Game” in the subject line. The deadline for submission of applications is September 15, 2017.